About Us


PRASA is established in terms of Section 22 of the Legal Succession to the South African Transport Services Act on 2008 (as amended).  It is a public entity wholly-owned by Government and report to the Minister of Transport. The legal mandate directs PRASA to deliver commuter rail services in the Metropolitan areas of South Africa, long-distance (inter-city) rail and bus services within, to and from the borders of the Republic of South Africa. This mandate is implemented in consultation with and under the guidance of the Minister of Transport.



To become a modern public entity capable of delivering high quality passenger services on a sustainable basis by 2018.



To be the leader in passenger transport solutions



The values that guide PRASA, underpinning the performance ethos of the organization have been derived from the outcome of workshops carried out across the Group.  The premise of the derived values is to deliver service excellence, productive staff and business growth.


The main objective and main business of PRASA is to:


  • Ensure that, at the request of the Department of Transport, for rail commuter services are provided within, to and from the Republic in the public interest, and
  • Provide, in accordance with the Department of Transport, for long haul passenger rail and bus services within, to and from the Republic in terms of the principles set out in section 4 of the National Land Transport Transition Act, 2000 (Act No. 22 of 2000)


The second objective and secondary business of PRASA is that:


  • PRASA shall generate income from the exploitation of assets acquired by it, which include real estate and property portfolio.
  • A further requirement is that, in carrying out its objectives and business, PRASA shall have due regard for key Government, social, economic and transport imperatives and policy objectives.

As a public entity, Government initiatives remain a strategy driver for PRASA. This is manifested through legislation, government policies and strategies, such as:

  • National Transport Policy
  • Public Transport Strategy
  • Legislation such as the National Land Transport Act
  • Green Paper on Rail, and
  • Economic Strategy and Job creation initiatives


Salient Features

  • Rail track: 2228 Kilometres rail tracks countrywide
  • Train Stations: 585 countrywide
  • Total Fleet:  1,311 motor coaches and 3424 trailer coaches = 4554
  • Metrorail: 525 million passenger trips per annum
  • MLPS: 1,082 million passengers per annum
  • Autopax:  3,157 million passengers per annum | 553 buses


Committed to delivering high quality passenger service on sustainable bases


+27 12 748 7000