Intersite Profile


Mthandeni Mntungwa

Mr Mthandeni Mntungwa

Acting Cheif Executive officer


Intersite is a wholly owned subsidiary of PRASA and regulated under the PFMA. The Directors on the Board are appointed in accordance with the Companies Act, 2008 and in accordance with best practice. Intersite’s strength lies in the make–up of its core staff members who possess and have developed the required skills and expertise to execute the mandate.  The team has a diverse mix of built environment specialists [qualified engineers, town planners, quantity surveyors, project management skills], deal makers, strategists, chartered accountant, qualified finance graduates, secretariat, and legal professionals and investment specialist.

Intersite is established to exploit commercial opportunities for PRASA and to enable those activities to receive a singular focus rather than a dual focus of trying to save costs as well as build up and increase commercial opportunities.


  1. Key Projects
    1. Property Investments
    2. This Department focuses on the growth of the property portfolio, investments and pursues ad hoc developments. These developments are planned to harness transit oriented developments and to generate sustainable revenue for Intersite PRASA and capital growth for PRASA and contributes to City economic regeneration.  As a result these developments are planned and will be prioritized in line with the Cities development vision.



Committed to delivering high quality passenger service on sustainable bases


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