The Minister of transport condemns burning of PRASA-Autopax buses in Mamelodi


The Minister of Transport, Ms Dipuo Peters, condemns vandalism, intimidation and the burning of nineteen (19) PRASA-Autopax buses in Mamelodi, East of Pretoria,Monday, the 20th June 2016.
The buses were set alight yesterday afternoon on their way to the depot and drivers had to flee for their safety.
These buses were deployed in Mamelodi when Putco withdrew their services from Mamelodi last year. Off pick hours and as and when required, these buses were used to relieve rail operations during disruptions in the Tshwane corridor.
“This cannot be allowed in a modern democracy such as ours, where individuals with criminal motives undermine government commitment and effort to provide the much needed public transport services to the communities of Mamelodi and the affected neighbouring towns,” Minister Peters said.
The Minister further said that public transport cannot be turned into a fertile ground for criminality, particularly given the fact that South Africans depends on public transport to conduct their economic activities, including travelling to work daily.
Of the 35 million daily motorised person trips recorded in South Africa (NHTS, 2003), over 60% are by public transport with 2 million daily passenger trips by rail, 4 million by bus and around 15 million by minibus taxi.
This deliberate destruction stands condemned and law enforcement agencies are called upon to arrest perpetrators of this senseless destruction of property, criminality and sabotage.  PRASA and Autopax are called upon to conduct an in-depth investigation into the nature, extend and severity of these acts of disdain.
Government respects and continues to promote the rights of the community to peaceful demonstration. However, sabotage and acts of criminality cannot be tolerated. These actions paint a negative picture of our country and makes it a mockery in the eyes of the nation.


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