PRASA Reaches a historic milestone


With the New Rolling Stock Acquisition Programme to replace the current Metrorail trains firmly in place, PRASA has now entered a new phase, with the first train ready to commence with the Trial Run in preparation for the operational service. The testing and commissioning process has progressed well in the past six months, with no major technical issues recorded. PRASA is now preparing to operate the new trains in a three phased approach starting on the 1st of December 2016.


This historic milestone will see the first train travelling between Pienaarspoort Station (Mamelodi) and Rissik Station (Hatfield) daily from the 1st December 2016 till 16th January 2017 to test PRASA’s operational plan that will determine operating times which will lead to a clock-face time table, operational safety and security readiness, and final service offering to the customers. The trial run will take place daily during off-peak between 09:30am and 15:00pm so that the normal peak operations of the current trains is not interrupted. During this time, the new train will operate without passengers as part of pre-operation safety protocols set by the Rail Safety Regulator.


Phase 2 will see the introduction of a shuttle service between Pienaarspoort Station (Mamelodi) and Rissik Station (Hatfield) from the 18th of January 2017 till the 27th of February 2017. The shuttle service will operate together with the current trains within the normal schedule. This will offer commuters the opportunity to experience PRASA’s new world-class service offering. During this phase, passengers travelling from Mabopane, Saulsville and De Wildt Station will continue to travel on the current trains; however, all trains will now converge at Koedoespoort Station which will become a change-over station. This means that passengers will then transfer onto the new trains at Koesdoespoort and will end at Rissik Street Station.

Phase 3 will launch PRASA’s new commercial service which will run only new train sets between Pienaarspoort Station (Mamelodi) and Pretoria Station from the 28th February 2017. Passengers from Mabopane, Saulsville and De Wildt will change-over from the current train sets to the new trains at Koedoespoort Station to continue their journey to Pretoria station.

As part of its upgrade programme rollout, PRASA will continue with construction works between Loftus and Mears Stations as it prepares to upgrade the rest of the corridor between Pienaarspoort and Pretoria Station. These works are part of PRASA’s investment into both new trains and the upgrading and modernisation of infrastructure which complement each other in the delivery of a world class passenger service. PRASA will continue to modernise the rail infrastructure which works in tandem with the deployment of the new trains and may sometimes cause a halt in operations until the modernisation works are complete. Commuters are asked to be supportive in this time of transition as PRASA works towards the rail of the future.

PRASA management would like to acknolwedge and thank all PRASA employees for their unreserverd contribution, whether within their business units or participating at the Business Readiness meetings, they all contributed towards PRASA achieving its historic milestone. Driven by our Mission Statement “striving for high quality and sustainanble passenger services through service excellence, innnovation and modal intergration” PRASA is well on its way to deliver World Class Passenger Services.


Committed to delivering high quality passenger service on sustainable bases


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